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Boracay Beaches

For those who love to get naturally tanned and just want to spend the day basking in warm sunshine, Boracay Beaches have the perfect places for you. This island is acknowledged to be one of the most beautiful venues for anything to do with sun, sand and water. Both Yahoo Travel and the BMW Tropical Beach Handbook publication call it a must-see beach for the planet. Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors, both foreign and local come to the island. A few have even decided to buy property and put up businesses and stay for life. The island is famous for its azure clear, crystalline waters and powdery white, sandy beaches and hundreds of things to do. Boracay island and in particular, Boracay Beaches has countless activities and festivities happening all at the same time. Guests can try all sorts of water sports from sailing, wind surfing, scuba, cliff jumping, island hopping and even para-sailing just to name a few. Inland activities include island trekking, riding horseback, bicycling, seeing the tourist attractions and the like. There’s even a 72-par golf course on the island. Anything and everything can be done on Boracay Beaches.


White Beachboracay-white-beach

Boracay island has a dozen and more beaches. All of them have the same very fine white sand and crystalline and pristine waters – both of which have made Boracay famous the world over. And the most popular Boracay Beach is White Beach. This well known strip of powdery white sand is just four kilometers long and about a hundred meters at its widest point. Beachcombers can have endless activities on this beach. Sunbathing and just enjoying a cool drink is just one of them. Guests will love the waters for wading, snorkeling, skin boarding, sailing and so many the lists could be endless. Some people even have a great time with the transparent bottom boat tours and banana boat.


Diniwid Beachdiniwid-beach-boracay-island

Another of the famous Boracay Beaches is Diniwid. It is in fact part of a private resort and is lesser in size than White Beach. The beach itself is only about 200 meters, but equally as breathtaking. This strip of sand is situated on the north side of the island and White Beach.

Although, lots of visitors flock to Diniwid for the stunning view of the island from the platform outcrop which is located.


Balinghai Beachbaling-hai-beach-resort

For those searching for the perfect Boracay Beach for some seclusion, privacy and intimacy, then Balinghai Beach is your ticket to stay half day or full day on this beach. The Orient Beach Boracay is just 5 mins away from this beach. The beach is protected by some rock walls that seclude it from the rest of the island. Avid snorkelers love this beach for the amazing marine life and corals which are just a few meters from the shore.


Cagban Beachcagban-beach

One of the other semi-secluded Boracay Beaches, Cagban Beach provides some special activities liks treasure hunting. Locals say that a long time ago, the place was used to hide the treasures and valuables of local tribal chiefs and Spanish galleon plying this stretch of sea. Although the beach also provides a chance to get away from the commotions and people at the other beaches. Cagban is great for spending the day just relaxing and strolling.


Bulabog Beachbulabog-beach

Among all the Boracay Beaches, windsurfers and kite boarders love this one the most, Bulabog Beach. The strips of sand and water just pulsates with life in the initial months of the year as amateur and expert windsurfers and kite boarders congregate here to get what they can from the strong winds coming from the sea. Although visitors can do all kinds of wind sports in all Boracay Beaches.


Tulubhan Beachtulubhan-beach-boracay

If you walk on past Bulabog Beach to the south you will reach Tulubhan Beach. This is a smaller beach, though very tranquil and it has several coves. Guests to the island love to go to this part of the island in February and March since the beach is surrounded by a lot of old vegetation which create shady spots for relaxing and getting away from the heat.


Puka Beachpuka-beach

Situated on the opposite side, the north side and facing Carabao Island directly is Puka Beach. This shore is often called Yapak Beach. This is the second longest beach on the island with its length at approximately 1.3 kilometers. It is a well known and often visited by visitors who wish to explore the island by boat and is ideal for beach picnics and similar activities.

It was called Puka Beach due to the many small shells which can be seen on its shore which have a glossy white appearance much like porcelain. Locals of the island collect these shells and make them into many kinds of island keepsakes like jewelries and ornaments. Most guests to the island can reach Puka beach by boat, motorcycles, mountain bicycles and trekking.


Tambisaan Beachtambisaan-beach-bay

Tambisaan Beach is very close in proximity to a well known diving site in the Philippines called Crocodile Island. It is usually where visitors who are arriving from the Caticlan jetty port pass through to get to Boracay Island itself. Despite its small size and plainness compared to the other beaches, a lot of tourists like to stay here for its tranquility and distance away from the noise and crowds. It is also where many dive shops and excellent beach resorts are located.


Manoc-Manoc Beachtimthumb

Another beach in the south of Boracay is called Manoc-Manoc Beach which is ideal for enjoying various water sports such as snorkeling and just wading. The beach also offers great views of the mountain and hillsides of the island along with the jetty of Caticlan. Along Manoc Manoc beach, there are a lot of shops where visitors can have some food and cool beverages.


Yapak Beachpuka-shell-beach-or-yapak-beach-on-the-north-boracay-island

Yapak Beach, also called Puka Beach is very well known due to the presence of countless Puka shells on the sand. These are used to make jewelry and clothing accessories. In the 1970’s, many people would flock to the place just to buy these shells and the ornaments made from them. The place is also known for having many fine restaurants which feature the freshest seafood and catches of the day. Some also offer dishes made in the local traditions and are very delectable. 

Anybody who visits Boracay Island should make it a point to see and experience all of these Boracay Beaches when they can. It won’t matter which Boracay Beach they go to, each one is guaranteed to make that holiday or vacation a pleasant and highly enjoyable one.